New Year, New Layout!

Published On 2013/02/12 | By Kurt Bales | Shout Out

StudioStayneWell, now that we’re into February, I guess I should probably do a post about the new website layout I worked on over the Christmas break. Hopefully if your viewing this from my website, as opposed to via an RSS feed, you notice my new theme as well as the amazing new logo provided by Stijn from Studio Stayne.

I approached Stijn in November about some design ideas I had for a logo for the blog, asking very non-creative questions with some pretty broad strokes ideas of what I was after. Within a couple of days he had presented me with a handful of options that were all unique, yet still managed to meet my design “spec”. Im not good at making decisions, but after some ideas back and forth about the things I liked I received several more workshopped ideas taking the best bits of each design. The fact that I am not very creative is probably obvious given the layout of my blog for the previous two years, but taking some advice from Stijn and incorporating his selection of colour scheme into the theme I had been testing out really helped me make the right decisions. I cannot guarantee that the content of my blog posts will get any better, but it certainly will look a lot better while you’re here 😉

I know that a couple of my Twitter and Facebook friends have approached Studio Stayne for some new logos since I released these new designs, and I cannot recommend their services strongly enough. Make sure you take the time to check out the gallery of other artworks he has provided in the past, as some of it is truly amazing. Follow them over at Facebook on their page.

More technical content coming soon!

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