I am an independent blogger, and as such my opinions are my own and I write what I feel. I also feel that it is my responsibility to publicly state any areas that may come into question.

Tech Field Day

TFD-Logo-150x150I have had the good fortune to be chosen as a Tech Field Day delegate in the past. While my travel and accommodation expenses were covered indirectly by Vendors who sponsored the event, and I received miscellaneous items of marketing (eg mugs, shirts and USB keys), there is no expectation from the vendors that I write positive comments or “toe the company line” in return for the privilege. The Tech Field Day organisers and sponsors respect the value of independent bloggers and participate to ensure that vocal members of the community are provided with the most up to date information on their products.

Juniper Networks

From March 2012 to January 2014, I was employed by a Juniper Elite Partner, ICT Networks, and specialise in building and designing network and security solutions based on Juniper Networks equipment.


In October of 2012, I was also invited to participate as a Juniper Ambassador, which is a program of select individuals who are recognised for their community outreach and interactions and promotion of Juniper solutions.


While I personally am very impressed with the solutions offered by Juniper Networks, neither my employment or my position as a Juniper Ambassador unduly  influences my opinions or writing except that for the time being my predominate implementations will be focused on Juniper equipment.

From February 2014 through July 2015 I worked in Product Management with Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale CA, and I with held from blogging during this time.

Quite simply – I write about the experiences I have.

 NDA Checks

On occasion I will send some of my blog posts to a vendor or 3rd party to ensure that I have not breached my NDA by writing about items that were disclosed to me during various vendor and 3rd party engagements and briefings. Editorial rights to my posts remain with me, and I choose when and how to respond to feedback from vendors and 3rd parties.