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Published On 2012/01/06 | By Kurt Bales | Rant

Hey All,

I know I have kind of been MIA for the past 3 months. Ivan reminded me recently that I haven’t actually published a single post since September, so I wanted to give a brief “status update”.

The last couple of months have included the following:

  • Network Field Day
  • Meeting some of my “Industry Heros” (Read ‘Rockstars’)
  • My wife spent 3 months living 12 hours away, teaching at a remote Aboriginal Community.
  • I passed two new certifications (JNCIS-SP and JNCIS-SEC)
  • Some changes at work including staff restructuring and and office move
  • Our Lead Engineer from our Cambodian office was out here for a couple of weeks so I was showing him around Sydney as well as preparing him for his JNCIS-SP
  • I had an accident that involved writing off my motorbike (Sad Panda)
  • Spending some time training junior engineers, both inside my company and some outside (You really should follow Anthony as he is really starting to prove himself as an up and comer! Also his wedding is in two weeks from today!)
  • Taking on 3 new big projects at work
  • Christmas and New Years festivities

There have been some other ups and downs in this time and plans and opportunities that have come and gone that provided their own excitement, but the above would probably have to be the key points.

I have a whole pile of half-written blog posts from Network Field Day, and a few blog replies to various “Blog Discussions” that have been going on recently, but I didn’t feel I had the right focus to dedicate to giving them their proper attention to detail. Having a sudden dose of “The Real World” after returning from San Jose was a bit of a bummer 😉 Im going to work on getting out a few of these over the next few weeks, using some of my “down time” to get them squared away.

I hope you all had an enjoyable “Q4” and Holiday Season, now its back to work, blogging and studying!

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Kurt is a Network Engineer based out of Sydney Australia. He a the Senior Network Engineer at ICT Networks where he spends his time building Service Provider networks, and enterprise WAN environments. He holds his CCNP and JNCIE-ENT, and currently studying for his JNCIE-SP and CCIE R&S. Find out more about Kurt at and you can follow him on Twitter.