Packet Pushers – Making my commute educational!

Published On 2010/09/05 | By Kurt Bales | Uncategorized

During my research into the new world of storage network and all the wonders contained within, I stumbled across a really great podcast – The Packet Pushers Podcast!

I think the tagline of the series says it all for me “Where too MUCH networking is NEVER enough”.

Now I’m a network geek and this has provided something I have been looking for – A networking specific podcast, that is entertaining, informative, not specifically vendor biased. Sure there is a tendancy to be Cisco-centric when dealing with networking, but there is a line between discussing discussing networking at a technical depth and being a vendor bigot. This team has pulled that off quite well.

The range of guest speakers/hosts they have brought in already also adds to the quality of discussions.

With my 200km round trip commute everyday, having another great podcast series to listen to is certainly a welcome addition!

PS. Hearing an Australian accent saying “rooters” is still humorous – Im used to it from English/European engineers.

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Kurt is a Network Engineer based out of Sydney Australia. He a the Senior Network Engineer at ICT Networks where he spends his time building Service Provider networks, and enterprise WAN environments. He holds his CCNP and JNCIE-ENT, and currently studying for his JNCIE-SP and CCIE R&S. Find out more about Kurt at and you can follow him on Twitter.