CCIE Assault – Part 1

Published On 2010/09/08 | By Kurt Bales | Certification

Im currently working on my plan of attack on the CCIE R&S and I need some advice. I finally finished my CCNP in June after years of putting it off (I first got my CCNA in 2001!), and now I am trying to determine the best course of action moving forward.

So far my plan is this:

  1. Buy CCIE Written Certification Guide – Check!
  2. Improve my Skills in QoS, BGP and MPLS – Sit each of the CCIP exams associated with these subjects as confirmation of understanding of the base knowledge.
  3. Review each major section of the CCIE R&S Blueprint, and read books from the CCIE Recommended Reading list.
  4. Purchase IP Expert (At this stage) self study package and study from the video and audio material
  5. Sit CCIE Written
  6. Continue deeper study of each topic from the Blueprint
  7. Work through practice lab exams from IP Expert and other online sources
  8. Book and Sit Lab exam
  9. Repeat #8 until I pass!

So does the above plan sound reasonable? Should I attempt the written exam earlier and spend more time focusing on the lab preparation? Are there other resources that you have found worked well for you? Should I alter some of these steps?

Let me know your thoughts.

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About The Author

Kurt is a Network Engineer based out of Sydney Australia. He a the Senior Network Engineer at ICT Networks where he spends his time building Service Provider networks, and enterprise WAN environments. He holds his CCNP and JNCIE-ENT, and currently studying for his JNCIE-SP and CCIE R&S. Find out more about Kurt at and you can follow him on Twitter.