Introduction to Data Centre 3.0

Published On 2011/04/06 | By Kurt Bales | Presentations

So I woke up this morning to a couple of people on twitter talking about my Data Centre 3.0 presentation from NZNOG in January. I was really confused why people would all of a sudden start talking about this 2.5 months after it was presented. As I was leaving work tonight I checked my RSS feeds to see that Greg Ferro had posted a new article to his blog with a link to the video recording of that presentation.

I guess I should make a mention of that presentation on my own blog too ( for some reason, I hadnt really thought to do that previously!). This is a brief introduction into some of the newer technology coming out focused on the Data Centre market. Lots of new and interesting technology is involved in this space and there is a lot of work out there for engineers who are up to speed with what is coming 🙂

A couple of people have asked about the slides, so I have included them here so you too can follow along at home. I have also presented a slightly updated version of this presentation at APRICOT but that session was not recorded.

PDF – Introduction to Data Centre 3.0 (NZNOG-2011)

Let me advise that Im nothing special to look at and my voice and suggests that Im best suited to being a mime during a blackout, but hopefully you can get something useful out of this.

If you enjoyed this presentation, please sign up for Ivan Pepelnjak’s webinar on Data Centre 3.0 for Network Engineers as he goes into a lot of depth across a broad range of topics. Be sure to look at his other webinars as well – there are bound to be many that interest you!

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