kbalesMy name is Kurt, and this website is a blog dedicated to the different things I have learnt during my time as a Network Engineer as well as my study as I work my way towards my career certifications (CCIE and JNCIE are my goals).

I am currently employed as the Manager of Network Engineering with Twitter Inc, and drive the Networking and Automation roadmap.

I moved to the Bay Area in February 2014, and spent 2.5 years in Product Management at Juniper Networks and Brocade Communications focused on Network Automation and Data Center Infrastructure.

My last job before leaving Australia was as Senior Network Engineer with the excellent team at ICT Networks, who are a Juniper Elite Partner. My job involved designing and implementing network and security solutions based around the Juniper product set.

I previously worked as a network engineer and CTO in Sydney Australia for a company called eintellego, who specialise in building service provider networks, and bringing service provider design concepts to enterprise customers. Our key services at the moment are providing design advice, building multi-provider and multi-technology network solutions, and IPv6 consulting.

In a past life I was the Network Operations Manager for a wireless ISP that covered many parts of Australia (From Rockhampton in the north, down the east coast through to Adelaide in the south). Using primarily Morotola Canopy, but with a mixture of Redline, SkyPilot, Microtik as well as a mix of 802.11 based technologies. I also worked as a Windows IT consultant for 5 years (but I try and wipe that from my memory).

The usual disclaimers apply here: The opinions and views here are my own, and not necessarily those of my employer. In fact given that my boss and I disagree on almost every topic feel free to make up your own mind 😉